June 23-24, 2018,
Hotel Ritz - Carlton, Dostyk street 16, Astana, Kazakhstan



Professional training, retraining and advanced training of specialists with medical and non-medical education, as well as scientific and pedagogical staff of the highest qualification in the specialty of hepatology and transplantology. & nbsp; Providing measures aimed at increasing the professionalism of the members of the Association, realizing their scientific and creative potential

Protection of rights

Representation of legitimate interests, assistance in protection of professional, civil, social, copyright and related rights of the Association members in public authorities, other institutions and organizations; Creation of an information database on theoretical and practical issues related to the statutory activities of the Association


Promoting the professional development of the members of the Association, creating conditions for the realization of their scientific and creative potential.


Satisfy the needs of society and the state in qualified specialists and scientifically & ndash; pedagogical shots on hepatology. Advocacy for the achievements of medicine in the field of hepatology and transplantology.


Participation in the accreditation of medical institutions and attestation of hepatology specialists as an independent professional expert in the field of hepatology; Participation as an independent professional expert in hepatology in the discussion of draft documents and regulatory legal acts in the field of hepatology, as well as research programs, developments, inventions and discoveries in the relevant field of medicine, in the order and scope provided by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Scientific program

Participation, organization and holding of scientific congresses, conferences, symposiums, seminars, exhibitions, competitions on the activity of the Association. Establishment and development of domestic, international, professional and scientific relations in the field of hepatology, as well as with specialists and societies of other medical specialties.